"Quality Testing You Can Trust"

We are a Texas based, Medicare Certified, COLA Accredited and CLIA Certified High Complexity Laboratory.

TGB optimizes patient care by having a 24 hour turn-around time, improved specimen preservation and tracking protocols, integrated information systems and highly accurate detailed reports.

What is Testing and Giving Back?


The lab is owned by a group of non-physician owners, and is managed and advised by an experience team of lab experts.


We offer free pick up of samples daily anywhere in Texas and surrounding States.


Commit to Service Excellence

Willingly to serve all those with whom we deal; with unsurpassed excellence.

Treat each other with Respect & Honesty

To grow a workplace where trust, team spirit, and equity are an integral part of everything we do.

Demonstrate Responsibility & Accountability

To set an example, to take ownership of each situation to the best of our ability, and to seek help when needed.

Be Enthusiastic about Continuous Improvement

To never be complacent, to recognize limitations and opportunities for ourselves and processes; and to learn through these.

Maintain Confidentiality

To keep all information pertaining to patients, as well as professional and commercial issues, in strict confidence.

TGB LABS. We take care of your tests

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Services Provided

TGB Labs has an impressive variety of tests that we currently offer to cater to your practice’s specific needs with a fast turn around time you can count on.

PCR Infectious Disease – 24 hour turn around time on results

  • Respiratory Pathogens (RPP)
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Gastrointestinal Pathogens (GI)
  • Wound Pathogens
  • Nail / Paronychia Pathogens
  • Anti-Biotic Resistance

Women's Health

  • Please give us a call for solutions to all services offered under Women's health.


COVID 19 testing

We now offer COVID 19 testing, see below for our Self Pay price for the CV19 PCR test using a nasal swab:

  • $195 per test
  • $150 per test (volume discount) - please contact us for more details

Prescription Drug Monitoring

  • Screen turn around time is 24 hours
  • Confirmation turn around time is 48-72 hours


  • Please give us a call to learn more about solutions to all PGX and CGX testing.


What is Testing and Giving Back?

The TGB Labs Difference

At TGB Labs we stand by our motto of “Testing and Giving Back” and are committed to making a difference in our community by donating up to 10% of our net income to non-profit organizations focused on substance abuse awareness and prevention. Our hope is that this revolutionary approach in giving back will help reduce the abuse of opioids and prescription drugs and help raise awareness and prevention of various substance abuse. As we in the medical community know, pain medication abuse is on the rise and is now considered a national crisis. TGB Labs is here to be a part of the solution to end this crisis and make a difference in people’s lives.